Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This Maple Tree

It happens so gradually. Or maybe it's sudden. I don't know. 

Observing change can be elusive...This maple gives me lots to ponder, 
but in the end I'll tell you that how it works is, for me, a mystery. 
Show me scientific explanations & I'll nod my head, fascinated.
But, I'll tell you that in the end it's still a mystery.


  1. This ..reminded me a bit of Rod McKuen:)
    I loved his work when I was 18-19..

    and now almost 60:)

    The words..

  2. I agree with you , I prefer to keep a touch of mystery for such things! I'm both fascinated by the wonderful red color, and by the loss of leaves ..

    PS: the two ways to say it ( C'est à moi- c'est mon tour) are perfectly right in french!
    Have a nice day, dear Rita!

  3. Like you, I prefer the mystery. :))

  4. There's a nice time lapse capture to this series. And the tree has an interesting top down pattern going.

  5. Boy isn't that the truth -- anyone can explain away about all the scientific jargon connected with mother nature but in the end we walk away still knowing there is mystery connected to it all. -- barbara


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