Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My To Do List

 I needed to stop & look at how my brain feels this morning...
To my surprise, it looks a bit like a Kandinsky painting!

 Sometimes I would like it to be more linear.
My To Do List. 
This doesn't even include basic housekeeping.
Or a million other ideas & To-Do's that are jumping around up there.
Time for a walk. Maybe I'll start like the hare, but end up like the tortoise. 
My brain would like that.


  1. I wish I could draw as well as you to show how my mind is looking like those days! It could be a kind of messy attic with piles of things to do, and when I want to do something , everything is falling down! :o)

    1. Oh, yes! A kind of messy attic, when I want to do one thing, everything falling down! You just drew a great image with your words & it makes me feel good to think of the situation that way! And, I guess on days like this my brain is not alone... Merci, Malyss!

  2. So many creative ideas! I understand your dilemma :)

  3. oh, that is so cute! love all versions but certainly hope for the 2nd myself!

  4. I see a crab at the beach in the first:) a cute friendly crab!

    Love this's playful..creative.. and lovely!

    A second blog?:)Let us know...plse..:)

  5. What a great contrast these two make. The first does have an 'eye' center, mm? And the second bouncing rabbit one has a narrative great 'bounce'. I see and feel that lively, colorful swirling (atop) and bouncing (below). LOVE! You capture the bouncy 'chaos' so well! And thus: create order out of the chaos, mm?

  6. This post is beyond cute Rita! I love anything you do!

  7. thanks for inspiration, i think, i'll draw my own "to do list" today:)))

  8. Rano było mieszanka pomysłów, ale pewno w ciągu dnia się wszystko poukładało. Są śliczne szkice. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  9. Rita -- I like the first Kadinsky brain -- so vibrant. How could the straight brain waves produce such a joyous TO DO list. Keep with Kadinsky! -- barbara

  10. What's basic housekeeping?
    Love the to-do chart!


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