Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sketching, Organizing, Collage

Last weekend I went sketching again 
at The Common Ground Fair.
A happy annual ritual.
I've been using existing bits & pieces here in the art room. 
Employing friend M.'s "Use It Up Initiative". 
My paper sun  finally found a new home. 
That's a little cardboard house structure provided by Waterfall Arts 
for a grassroots project on the subject of Home.
Leftover papers are also finding homes.
 In collages ... 
 ...and handmade books for friends.
Made possible because of lots of hours
organizing a new studio space. 
Now I know what I have & where it is!
In the process, lots was given away & tossed.
Weeding, raking, planting seeds for a new season 
& new directions.
...Which include French study after the summer off.


  1. Rita this was a wonderful post allowing us to see your lovely art pieces as well as your clean studio. Wondering if you have some extra time (after French) to come help me clean and organize my studio :)! Hugs
    P.S. thank you friend for your special visit to my blog and your sweet comments.

  2. Your pencil/brush pots are so You!!They remind me of the cover of Sarah Middas' book The South of France.
    Love your sun's new home..les collages..books to be..and oh what a wonderful feeling ..having a nice ..bright..organized atelier!!

  3. I love the feeling of being organized after all that effort! I've been discovering ways to get (and stay) organized little by little in my own life. That seems to have turned out to be my theme for 2017! Now if I could only have my own office/studio... :-)

    I love your collage!

  4. I love your sun!! I also LOVE organization. Have fun with new directions...........

  5. I too . . . love the sun . . . and organization.
    I also enjoy a visit with you . . .
    French studies . . . sounds like a challenge . . .
    And maybe travels??

  6. such a wondrous person with such a delicious talent. how lucky i am, how lucky we are to share a piece of the day (and a place in the world) with you.

  7. Love seeing what your newest burst of creating has produced! You're a marvel. xx

  8. Such a pretty space! It always feels so good to put things in order. Can't wait to see what future lovely projects are born from your efforts.

  9. Wow! Fantastic space. Very inspiring to have a new art room I'm sure. : )
    Happy Painting to you!

  10. Now I know where you've been! I've missed you and was so happy when you visited the other day! The fruits of your labors look wonderful, both the creative and the organizing. My fall project is taking on the art room and being brutal -- ridding myself of old projects I can't sell or don't want anymore; supplies I don't use, glue that has dried up and loads of paper. I'll always have clutter but it needs to be tidier clutter! Yours is an inspiration!


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