Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Sketching Downtown on a Rainy Day


Went rainy day sketching with just 2 of the Sketchers. 

When my paper started getting wet, I stopped with a quick
black & white sketch and the 3 of us retreated to the porch of 
 our favorite plant/home/gift boutique. 

Later, at home, when I added color I didn't use reference photos. For me that was daring, 
to add paint from memory & intuition. 
There is always something new to try when sketching!

The cold rain meant very few people were out. 
And it felt good to be with fellow sketchers. 
With distance.

Our outdoor days are limited. 
What will we do in winter when, on some days,
 the weather will prevent outdoor sketching & visits?


  1. So charming! You do such good cheery sketches even in the rain! Boondocking means camping without the addioin of external anenities... water, power, sewer...such as you'd get at a campground.
    Folks who boondock often camp on land or parks that dont offer these amenities and have self contained RVs...meaning their rigs provide the anenities..

  2. While it's a good likeness of the building, it is not your usual whimsical style, but maybe it's the gloomy rainy day feel to it...Let's just say it's not my favorite...However, one of your earlier posts featured on the right hand side of the page, called to me..That of "Halloween card..." and oddly enough it was posted on this date in 2013..

  3. About the only time I panic is when I think of winter -- no easy gatherings. I love what you did -- and that you added the color from memory (how did you do?!) I love paintings of buildings. This captures the mood of a town. (Not knowing the town or the mood, apart from wet!)

  4. How did I miss this post!. Always love your sketches

  5. Hello Rita, this is my first comment here although I have been reading and enjoying your blog for many years. I live just “next door” in NH and have been keeping sketchbooks ever since I can remember. I just wanted to thank you for continuing to share your own sketchbooks here on your blog - my heart always skips a happy beat when you post your pages.
    To me, every single page in one’s sketchbook is part of a greater picture and just like in a finished painting, one needs lights and darks, warms and cools, points of interest and places for the eye to rest - the push and pull - this is what makes it all work, what gives a piece its energy. So on those grey rainy days when our sketches may not have the “whimsy” of our other pages, it in no way diminishes the sketch’s importance or ability to bring back the memories and emotions of that moment. These quieter sketches are just as important as our most lively and colorful ones as they give dimension to what we have chosen to record over a period of time.
    A sketchbook’s purpose is not ever meant to be filled with only pretty pictures. It’s a place to record our days and moods ( both ours and the weather! ) and emotions, a safe place to experiment without fear. The act of sketching is important for being just that - the act itself, the being in the moment, the zen of the process, the physical manifestation of our meditation.... and what a gift to all when these pages and sketches are lovingly shared!
    When a page in my own in my own sketchbook is dismissed by others as not up to the standards that they usually expect of me, it makes me feel sad - not for myself - but for them, because they will never feel the exhilaration that comes with being brave enough to draw in the rain and to rise to the challenge of capturing the adventure with a simple line or watercolor splash. Our sketchbooks are not about perfection but for capturing moments in our lives as only we can see and feel them and then they become part of us forever… lucky us!
    I hope you continue to sketch in the rain ( and in the snow ) and share with us here on your blog. I love all of your sketches!

  6. One of the challenges of outdoor sketching! Glad you got the chance to be outdoors doing something you love.

  7. I keep returning to your journals -- they are such a delight!! LOVE them!! They always bring a smile -- and inspire me -- please keep posting!


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