Monday, November 23, 2020

The Journaling Practice: Organizing

I've been absorbed in my journaling practice...
I taught a little Zoom workshop with a focus on 
organizational forms of journaling:
Planner/calendar meets Sketchbook Diary
The prep work got me to develop my own practice far deeper
than ever before.
Some of my current active notebooks:
• Daily Journal (Master Journal)
• French & Polish Study 
• Music & Dance 
• Food & Fitness
• Weekly Creative Journaling Group
• Art Learning/Noting
• Journal About Making Journals 
• Creative Projects Journal

My three most actively used notebook journals.

Perhaps journaling wouldn't be such an active part of my life
if I weren't sheltering in most of the time. 

With the influence of many online journalers my layouts
are more conscious now. There is consistency with variety
from day to day.
The colors & color codes are not only fun, 
but they help me to be able to easily refer back.

A before picture. 
This started out to be a Books, Music & Films
notebook. Eeek! what chaos.
Soon I'll begin the work 
of organizing this into a neat little notebook.

In the meantime I've been organizing my old art work.
I found some plastic sheet protectors with 2" X 2" slots 
for old fashioned slides at a yard sale. 
I've been filling the little pockets
with all these snippet cutouts 
that I'd thrown willy nilly into a box.

What's cool is that now that I know where to find them,
I'm actually using them in some of my current creating!!

All this journal writing & organizing 
would not be as much of a pleasure
if I didn't love to handwrite with fountain pens
on beautifully smooth paper...
And if I didn't love using my art materials, 
especially the watercors & colored pencils.
So, my Sketchbook Wandering takes place more within
the confines of my home these days
than out of doors.


  1. Great post and I LOVE those plastic slide protectors!!

  2. Love this post..sooo much creativity at the tip of your artistic fingers!

  3. Love the photos of your projects...very inspiring!! Someday....sigh....I will be so organized!!

  4. I love seeing people's space and supplies and methods. I've been putting my watercolors in plastic sheets in binders. Keeps it all together. Good idea for all your bits! Love the desk.

    Thanks for your very nice words. Sit up time is limited so I might not reply "in person" for a bit. But appreciating and checking in!

  5. This post just made me happy. Someone who loves journaling and paper and pens even more than I do! You seem to be using your at home time in some very creative and positive ways. Love it.

  6. Vous apprenez le français depuis longtemps? Votre blog est très inspirant. Une française!


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