Saturday, February 8, 2014

Illustrated Alphabet Part 2: J through N

Continuation of my Alphabet Storyboard (draft). 
No time for perfectionism, today. Ack!!
But: Get it done! Finish.
Later there will be time for tweaks & edits &  final versions.
At this stage, other words are popping up,
so I've started keeping a list. 
They might come in handy, who knows? 
In fact, whole other series are popping up: plants...animals...doudou's...
...or how about a Polish alphabet, or an adjective alphabet...
or one of Maine or of art words...or a multi-word alphabet with scenes...

HOWEVER, using the French expression, 
"Revenons à nos moutons" (let's return to our sheep, or get back to the subject), 
I am determined to see THIS alphabet through to Z.
 Knowing it's a rough draft, Dear Visitors, 
I wonder again if you have any favorites from "j" to "n"...


  1. N:-) if I must:-)
    Too cute..
    cannot wait for my childhood dictionary to arrive:-)

  2. "j " i "l "to moje ulubione :), chociaż pozostałe też mi się oczywiście podobają. Miło mi, że mimo braku braku czasu odwiedziłaś mnie. Pozdrawiam bardzo cieplutko.

  3. All beautiful, but if I have to make a choice, I'd say the garden flowers and the Kougtof (the spelling eludes me - in Vienna it's Gugelhupf, but in other parts of the world I have seen it spelled Kugelhupf, too).

  4. I think my three favorites are L, M, and K in that order. They are all sweet. It's a terrific project! And it sounds like it has potential to grow.

  5. Pour moi, le jardin (of course)! Love love this series and the ideas for more . . .

  6. my favorite is the lamp - you've got it nice and warm. :)

  7. My letter for this group is M. what an adorable Mouton.
    Rita , you must do a book. Can't wait to see the last 10 letters.

  8. I echo Sharon's choice of un jardin. Lovely!

  9. Rita, these are so charming. Hard to believe you may redo them. It is difficult to chose, but I think my fave is the lamp light. How do you capture the glow of light so well?! I started doing my own alphabet in w/c. Such a cute idea. Thank you for the continued inspiration.

  10. 'M' a favorite letter of mine, but alas little or no French.

  11. this is so charming. what a wonderful way to learn french!

  12. OK -- here are my favorites from J through N -- the lunch place setting, the lamb and the flowers -- especially liked the flowers. -- barbara

  13. I like K although I don't know exactly what it is. ☺


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