Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Granny Torrelli Makes Soup

My  "Zuppa Soup Collage", inspired by 
Granny Torrelli Makes Soup by Sharon Creech

Collage allows you to stir in anything you want.
Arrange & re-arrange, add & subract.
How did our Family Book Group members like Granny Torrelli Makes Soup? Unanimously, "Loved it!" (doesn't always happen with this group of discriminating readers). This novel, (which I heartily recommend to adults as well as children), has so much: Loveable, honest characters, humor, sadness, poetic language (in Italian & English!), wonderful structure, great cooking scenes, & sensitively presented themes about love, human imperfection & forgiveness. Loveable Rosie, learns from her immigrant Granny's stories & from her understanding, how to manage life's sometimes difficult situations & feelings in relation to friendships . 

After the discussion, during the art-making we, young & old, 3 generations, informally shared situations in our own lives & cooking stories that the story evoked. I had given out a list of Granny Torrelli's Italian words & expressions, so a lot of "Tutto va bene!" & "molto good" & "zuppa" could be heard, as well as a lot of laughter.

Sharon's  inspiration for the book is on her website (click HERE). Sharon also has the blog, "Words We Say". 

"When I learned that my daughter was expecting her first child, I began thinking about what it would be like to be a grandparent. In remembering my own grandparents, it seemed that most of my memories of my grandmothers swirled around kitchens and food. There was something important—more important than the meals being made—that took place in those kitchens, and I wanted to explore that. I kept seeing images of my Italian grandmother, with her elfish smile and quick wit, and those images evolved into the character of Granny Torrelli." ~Sharon Creech

The world would be a better place if everyone had a Granny Torrelli like the one in this small gem of a book!


  1. I had a real Granny Torrelli ! and she taught me a lot about cooking and life! My other granny was not italian but was very kind and funny, and I miss htehm both very much.
    I'll try to get that book from Amazon!

    Bisous et à bientôt, tanti bacci , ciao !

  2. I thought Sharon Creech's name sounded familiar, and then I realized she wrote one of my favorite books related to poetry--Love That Dog. It's a gem of a book, too. I now have to go check out her blog and her other books.

  3. I love how you shared it with us:)
    No one could add that~
    Oh I think I would like this book..Thank you for the heads up..
    You know what a cute idea also that you inspired..asking children to paint their ingredients or favorite meal.
    Granny Monique.:)

  4. Book clubs are always fun and make for some lively discussions. The book sounds like it overwhelming was a winner with your group. Books like this elevate spirits. -- barbara -- FOLKWAYS NOTEBOOK

  5. Oh! I love that cooking-food-together morphed into 'cooking'-art-together. Tutto va bene!

  6. Un livre qui me semble incroyable et fascinant...
    Je vous fais de gros bisous ♡

  7. Love the art inspired by Granny Torrelli as well as anything Sharon Creech writes. She is a very special person!

  8. I've had a Nana Josephine... does she count? hahahahaha


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