Sunday, May 11, 2014

After the Rain:: Mount Desert Island

 I hesitated to go to Acadia & Bar Harbor because it had been raining.
But, Oh!, I'm so glad I went!
Up close, on the town Shore Path, things were super springtime bright, including umbrellas 
waiting for summer tourists to arrive.
Bright fiddleheads! 
 But out to sea, things were different. 
Just as I arrived on the Path, clouds & fog parted for just a few minutes, 
revealing the Porcupine Islands.Thank you, I said.
 Then fog came rolling back. I sat on a bench,
sketched, watched its flow as nearby birds sang.
I was enveloped by cool fresh air. Thank you, I said.
Eventually, all was enveloped.
Very mysterious, very divine, this gentle fog.
 View of the island's mountains from the West face of Cadillac as fog journeyed inbetween. Only one time before have I experienced such a marvel & that had been on top on Pemetic (mountain on the left). 
Thank you, I had said. 
 Celestial. Above the clouds. 
Later driving home, down below, I was right in those clouds!
Just before going home I had stopped to visit a quiet, early evening, & softly sunny Bubble Pond. 
It's at the base of Cadillac (left) & Pemetic (right). 
Thank you, Thank you. for the variety & changes of this gentle weather.

While on top of Cadillac, I had shared the views & chatted with 2 happy girls from China, a happy Japanese father & his college daughter, &, 2 happy Polish men (in Polish we chatted!).
So, I guess it's worth the effort to make pilgrimages to beloved places. And not only in fair weather...


  1. how awesome. such beauty - and you shared it with the world!

  2. Man or man, so glad you went! Beeutiful Rita.

  3. I am so glad you took me along on your journey in words and photos. Thank you.

  4. Only once have I experienced ethereal fog..Castelluccio..Italy..
    I will never forget..
    You lucky girl..
    I can' t believe all the beauty you witnessed..from the umbrellas to the vegetation..the water..the fog and the nice people.
    A magical day I would say.
    OMG I love Spring ..

  5. Thank you Rita for sharing all the beautiful scenery bathed in fog.
    I'm sure all those fantastic photos will soon be in your sketchbook. Loved the one of the yellow umbrellas that's a must to sketch in your style. Lovely scenery captured, as seen through your eyes.

  6. Wonderful post Rita. I love the fog moving in and over porcupine island. Thanks for going and sharing.

  7. Oh, so beautiful!! When we were there some years ago, we had three days of fog and I loved every minute of it! Back then we lived in New Mexico and never enjoyed a foggy day. It was special. Everything was so mysterious and soft. Thanks for those gorgeous photos!! xoxo Silke

  8. What wonderful photos you've taken here. LOVE the folded umbrellas and the shrouded islands.

  9. Believe or not, I often prefer landscapes Under rain,or with some fog.I just love this stroll the way you enjoyed it .
    The place is wonderful, magic, and and even more to my eyes, because of the rain..
    Bises et à bientôt !

  10. Sounds like everyone there enjoyed the ocean and the weather. Here in the Pacific Northwest I've been learning to embrace whatever weather I'm given.

  11. So beautiful. Acadia is a place I'd love to visit.

    Speaking of fog, once in the San Francisco area, I watched fog creep over the hills toward the beach where I was--it was amazing to watch.

  12. Rita -- I have heard so many great comments about Arcadia and would someday like to visit that area. But your profound photos and comments made me almost feel I was there. Now it is my turn to say -- Thank You. --- barbara

  13. Thank YOU for taking us along. . . you capture so much beauty. xx

  14. I think your sketches are wonderful


Thank you for your comments! They mean a lot to me!