Thursday, April 28, 2016

French Homework: My Style of Dining in Paris

 I wrote it all in French: Assignment: Describe a favorite meal. I'm not a cook so I wrote about my favorite meals when in Paris:  "La cuisine à emporter", take out food, but not McD's. Asian traiteurs, the neighborhoods of Rue Cler, Rue de la Huchette, & Rue Mouffetard with such varieties of fresh, ready made food! Boulangeries everywhere with more than just bread: sandwiches with fresh ingredients, quiche, salads, soupes. Guichets, windows with counters, where you can watch your crêpe being made, or where you can buy Middle Eastern food. The Monoprix grocery & department store. Oh! And the outdoor markets for fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, & regional dishes~ & lots of French language to hear.

Where to eat? I admit I have eaten crêpes from the guichets standing on the sidewalks. But benches, oh the benches! They are in the the grand parks with magnificent statues, but also in church courtyards & along sidewalks, and near so many architectural wonders!  (And probably other places I have yet to discover...) If it is raining? Portez toujours un parapluie!

Why not eat in restaurants while traveling? Obviously to save money, lots, (which you can then spend on books & scarves!) There's more: by eating outdoors  you can spend more time enjoying the amazing buildings & action of Paris. Benches are my friends & support while sketching, & also my favorite form of restaurant.

I recently learned the expression, "se mettre dans la peau de quelqu'un.", to place yourself in another's skin, to see their point of view. I understand that restaurants are a big form of entertainment for many tourists, so I know my way is not for everyone.    
N'importe où, bon appétit!


  1. A wonderful outdoor restaurant. I'd be happy to sit on a bench with you anytime in Paris!

  2. Your way..our way.
    We are not resto people.
    Give me a baguette and outdoors..a glass of wine too though:)
    We did many a meal dehors in Europe when we were there.
    I love eating like the

    And we also love being in quiet.
    Love this one!

  3. Witam serdecznie. Śliczny szkic :). Czemu nie, można i w parku na ławeczce zjeść jakiś posiłek. Też tak robię. Nie przepadam za zamkniętymi restauracjami i kawiarniami. Jeżeli już tam jestem, to zawsze na zewnątrz, jeśli są stoliki. * Masz rację, wiosna to moja ulubiona pora roku. Kocham patrzeć jak się budzi i coraz bardziej zachwyca swoimi barwami. Nie znoszę jesieni, bo jest zapowiedzią kilku miesięcy prawie bez kolorów. Ściskam i ślę buziaka.

  4. When my husband and I went to France with another couple many years ago, one of our favorite things was to buy tuna, a baguette, some fruit (and a pastry for dessert of course!), and have ourselves a picnic. Both delicious and inexpensive, and we saved our money for a few special dinners out (like the one where I mistakenly ordered "chocolate fly" rather than chocolate mousse, much to everyone's delight). Your post brought back fond memories from that trip--thank you!

  5. You evoke the scene(s) so well . . . I am off to buy a loaf of bread and some cheese perhaps to eat on a Swiss bench . . .


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