Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Change of Scene at the Bookstore

After my university class in the "big city" of Augusta, 
I enjoy going to Barnes & Noble. 
I like to do a tour of the store & then 
relax with a latté in the café 
while going over class notes.

Yesterday 2 women were loudly discussing POLITICS 
loudly in the café:Ack! Serenity disturbed! 
So I took my cup to a chair across from the art section. 
The change of scene had a marvelous effect. 
I never would have thought to go there 
without this disturbance! 
I ended up receiving a flow of art ideas 
for my upcoming work, 
& while there, grabbed a quick sketch. 

Change of scene: A simple tool 
for making the most of a moment.
 Profitez-en bien!

PS (I replaced the sketch that was here previously with a revised version. A sketch of the sketch...)


  1. I caught you:) Right now..Evry morning I see my blog posts and yours was first..I hope you never lose your expressive lines!

    What detail and personality.
    You would not believe how our channels are covering your politics..
    I was happy to hear of Mario Batali cooking for the Obamas for their special gathering:) That's how I like to talk politics;)

    1. Thank you, Monique! La politique aux Etats Unis, C'est complètement folle, et perturbante, laide, inquiétante...Je préfère la gentillesse, la coopération...
      The sketch is small and rough, but it was so much fun to be in the moment, especially in contrast to my situation in the café! Bonne journée, R.

    2. I find drawing and painting so calming.It is one of the things I love best..
      Politics are so difficult to understand.I am happy with our PM..but already some complain..
      I just love him.And I love his wife too.
      The Obamas are such a tough act to follow in the USA..♥Both of them..and their lovely daughters..

  2. Ah Rita I am so tired of hearing all the politics. May I join you in that quiet art spot and do some sketching too? Looks like you found someone else seeking a bit of quiet as well. Isn't Barnes and Noble the best place to visit? Have a great day. Thank you too for stopping by to visit me. Hugs!


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