Friday, April 28, 2017

Mini Accordion Books

I'm going to a workshop called Urban Sketchers tonight!
Ironically, I'm not sketching lately. 
Maybe this will re-motivate me.

But I AM making non adhesive mini accordion books.

I'm using stored bits & pieces on the covers that, 
like unused toys on a shelf,
have been waiting to be brought to light, 
& to be loved again.

All the new mini's will be going to the workshop 
that I'll be teaching in Portland...en français...

What do these books contain? 
The aqua button one has the conjugated verb, 
"Rire" : To Laugh ,
because I love it, but I can never remember it.

The Moon and Star book has a lovely translation into French
of a quote by John Lennon:
"Nous resplendissons tous comme la lune
et les étoiles et le soleil..."


  1. The only thing lovelier than your mini-books are your written words.

  2. Needless to say I am so smitten..the additional pop ups..hearts and beads..well how unique Rita.♥And pretty.Gems.

    Beth that's so nice what you wrote and true.

  3. How creative! Each of these is so unique. I hope it was a grand evening.

  4. Bellissima! Love, love, love each of these. . . . xxxx

  5. My floss is way too thin for you:( having just made one now..I see it would not work...LOVE these!

  6. These are adorable. What a great use for the bits and bobs you have on hand.

  7. Oh my! These are enchanting. I come from Monique (Nana) and I believe you may have a new follower!


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