Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Lady in Waiting

From the window of Atlantic Bakery: Elderly woman, waiting, on a Rockland sidewalk. 
She had navy blue painted fingernails, a huge cameo sort of ring, & silver dangle earrings. 
As she waited she talked & gestured to no one in particular, & kept glancing down the street. 
Eventually, her son (with whom I chatted in the Bakery) came & helped her into a large van. 
She was gone, her image remained.

I was reading that materials often dictate our results. I recently started a new 3.5 X 5.5 Moleskine, 
the one with the smooth cream colored pages, for my carry-everywhere sketchbook. 
With it I use both a super fine Slicci & a heavier point Staples.
And colored pencils. 
Coincidentally, I found this pouch in Rockland.
It is by "Patz, Made in Maine". Perfect! 

In some ways colored pencils are easier for me than watercolors. 
I can use more force than the delicacy that watercolors ask of me, and layer and lift more. 

Crayolas & Prismacolors, they are like a first language to me. 
While some children today have their own studios where they freely make art with lots of materials, 
I grew up on coloring books & Crayolas, on the bedroom floor. 


  1. I love seeing your supplies and your wonderful drawing. I don't always carry a sketchbook but as I prepare to leave for a vacation I tucked on in. I may or may not have time to do anything but I can't if it's not with me. What a good example you are!

  2. Dear Rita - me too - crayolas and coloring books were a favorite thing of mine as well. Loved your sketch friend. Hope you are having a delightful day. Hugs!

  3. I am always learning little tidbits from you.
    Love your sketches of people.
    Each one tells a story . . .

  4. I loved your memory of crayolas. To this day the smell of crayons remind me of laying on the floor on a rainy summer day and coloring. So much of my sense of color came from Disney movies and coloring in my coloring books.

  5. Now you've captured the memory of the woman waiting forever! So fun to see your supplies, and aren't new art bags the most fun? I just bought one myself--just have to switch out the supplies I carry with me into my new treasure.

  6. I, too, always love seeing your supplies and drawings. .. . xx

  7. Prismacolors..the stand up box and crayolas:)♥
    And Violet:)


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