Monday, October 23, 2017

Autumn Sketching in Maine

Our local sketch group goes out twice a week to beautiful spots in our area. 
They/we are like school kids on a field trip.
But often I'm not able to go.  
 Yesterday I went to a place they visited without me,
an unknown cove along the coast.
Tourists and boats are gone now.
I sketched from the car, instead of from my folding chair. 
It was a bit clumsy, but it worked. 

 Previous week, quick sketches from the shore of a pond, 
on smaller, non-water color paper. 
Another place that one of the Sketchers found for us.
The 2nd sketch was about feeling linear rhythms.  
Adding color masked what my ink lines expressed. 
I learn from this.
Don't always be seduced by color, even in Autumn!
 Same view in my larger watercolor book. 
This time I worked without my ink lines.

They say the leaves weren't as intense this year.
Many dropped before reaching full color, due to dryness
& warm temperatures. 
Still, I found Autumn out there
when I went looking.

PS Someone asked me if she could copy my sketches 
& post them online. I say, No, don't do that. 
Explore on your own, I say, however you want, but in private. 


  1. The colors you've captured are very nice. Subtle yet colorful. Funny to hear that it's not as colorful there. I was just describing our fall color (which is usually quite dull) as New England vivid this year.

  2. I wish my "clumsy" art was as good as yours. I agree, autumn was out there if you looked enough.

  3. so glad you spent time at the place you missed with your group. you can't tell that the process felt car-seat-clumsy. the image succeeds beautifully.
    here in vermont the foliage has been delayed but there are definitely some stunning vistas to be seen.

  4. There are a few blogs that when I see them pop up in my feed, I just get happy and excited. I know I'll love what I see! Yours is one. I really appreciate that you went out on your own without the group to the spot -- and in someways, I can see how that could have its advantages. And I loved seeing your two versions, with and without the ink lines. Very nice indeed!

  5. Rita you certainly captured some lovely autumn scenes. It is easy to get seduced by the fall colors. What a wonderful seduction: )! Have a blessed day. Hugs!

  6. All so lively and colorful and you:)
    And your work looks great in all kinds of books.
    Shari Blaukopf paints from her car:) All winter..
    In QC we need to be..sheltered;)

  7. These sketches are so beautiful--and since you are the artist, you can make the trees as colorful as you like!

    Laure Ferlita and I went sketching at a produce stand last week for our dose of fall color--pumpkins!

  8. I'm always inspired by your habit of seeing and capturing, translating through Rita-ness. :))

  9. You have a wonderful small watercolor pan palette.
    What kind is it?

    Thanks so much for your blog!


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