Sunday, September 9, 2018

A Time to Experiment

 I started a new journal book
devoted to only experimenting with watercolor.
Using some colors I wouldn't ordinarily use.
 I've been trying some different approaches,
but sometimes, change comes hard...
and what I'm doing doesn't seem to be all that different.
And when I move into some really new territories
it may not be something I will share at first...


  1. So, do you not want to use Payne's Gray because that's your go-to and experimenting or another reason? It looks really good.

    I need to do something like this -- a practice journal for mixing and trying different combos. You're right -- it is easy to fall back into old habits. Which doesn't always mean they are bad ones, remember. Sometimes they work because your instinct is spot on!

  2. Love your windows!!! Will look on my computer later/bigger screen than my phone!! Nice work,Rita!!

  3. Rita - your sketches are always wonderful to see. I understand though that when we move into new territories we are a bit more reluctant to share. Isn't it fun to experiment though?? Have a great weekend. Hugs!

  4. Oh, please do share your experiments with watercolor. I love your artwork and am learning a lot from your blog.

  5. Rita. I love anything you do so please share. Will write soon, I promise. RY

  6. You are so good at color mixing and so good at 'softness.' xx

  7. Even your experiments are delightful! I love to see what you're up to, so please do share when you feel comfortable.


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