Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Mornings in Paris: A Delicious Memory

In Portland there used to be a most adorable, friendly & FRENCH café called 
Mornings in Paris. 
To see a post I made in 2012 about my old favorite café, 
click here.

The lovely & gracious  French owner, Isabelle,
eventually moved the café to Kennebunk.

One time we drove down to see her, but she wasn't there. 
So I spontaneously wrote her a letter in French 
with a little observational sketch & left it with the barista. 

I just learned online that she sold the business in 2017 to a British couple...
she is spending more time in France...
The only certain thing in this world is change, they say. 
But I don't always like change...

...Sketch souvenirs help. 


  1. Ahhhh, yes, memories preserved for all time, perfect.

  2. Nice post and it was fun to read the 2012 post and see that poor dogs face!

  3. How nice you had gone to find her and that you sent her a note and sketch:)
    You're not on IG..my next post mentions you:) I Googled the Flow book..and I loved it..but 50 Ways to Draw your Ordinary Beautiful Life puut at my artstrings..It's a keeper!

  4. I agree. Change can bring good things -- but sometimes the change is so sad. I'm glad you have your sketches and posts. I'm off to check out the 2012 one -- before I "knew" you!

    Thanks for popping over to my place! Always good to see you!

  5. Hello, I love your sketch. It is sad the cafe closed. I am going to see the 2012 post. Enjoy your day and weekend. PS< thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Enjoyed the 2012 post and am actually sad,too that the lovely cafe moved to Kennebunk...sounds like a big loss for Portland!!

  7. Ah yes -- that is why I LOVE doing my wee sketchbooks ... so many memories ---

  8. Adorable sketch...makes me want to eat a macaron. (I always want eat a macaron.) Yes, those sketches do help ease the pain of change a little. Another good reason to sketch our everyday simple pleasures.

  9. Ah...Mornings in Paris...who could forget that adirable place! Thank you for taking me there Rita ;))


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