Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Quebec City and Sketching People

No matter where I go to sketch, 
if there are people nearby
they will most likely enter my sketch.
In Québec Ctiy we had our annual library date 
at Bibliothèque Claire Martin 
housed in the former St. Matthew Church.
I have mentioned this church in previous posts about Québec.
The Franco American Museum includes a restored chapel.
It has lots of ornamentation, but I went right for a figure,
an elevated sculpture against a wall.
Here is the figure of me, at one of the altars.
 It's officially no longer sacred 
so tourists can wander all over the place. 

When we had our other library date 
at the large Bibliothèque Gabrielle-Roy
(see previous post)
I found a book I've always wanted to own:
Un peu de Paris by illustrator Jean-Jacques Sempé. 
He is a master of depicting human nature
through simple line drawings 
as well as nature-nature & architecture. 
He is my number one favorite illustrator
 dans le monde entier
I photographed a few pages.

 Oh the humor, the expressions, the brilliance!
 We used to watch a TV show when I was a kid,
"People Are Funny". I didn't really like the show,
but that title was a theme for my mom & me.
And People are Loveable too.
I've signed up for a figure drawing group
to hone my skills. Not a class,
just artists drawing from a model. 
I studied figure drawing in college classes 
a LONG time ago. I am anxious.
What if everyone else is a super talented,
experienced artist?? 

(I'm good about advising others
to not compare themselves,
but mon Dieu
I have to apply this attitude to myself!)

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  1. I know you will love your drawing group. And I wouldn't sell myself short, Rita! I'd hold your art up to anyone's! (Someone told me that the drawings in my recent Monday Mural post reminded me of your work. They reminded me of it too, when I took them! You'll see why -- but I like yours better!)

    The sketches are wonderful and I love that you showed YOU. It gives me context, a face to know I'm "talking with" when I read and comment! And I can see why you loved that book. It's a good one. I'm eagerly waiting for a package to arrive from France -- one of the books you recommended in another post (7th and 16th). Should be soon!

    Keep having a wonderful time. I love Quebec City and I know it is filled with marvelous subjects for your art!

  2. What a great post. I loved your sketches and Sempe' as well. Enjoy that figure drawing class.

  3. I LOVE the way you depict people -- there's a marvelous spontaneity to it -- a gentleness that seems to show the kind side of humanity --- good luck with the group! I also like the illustrations you shared ... made me smile....I so enjoy your posts .... keep going!

  4. You ARE an experienced super talented artist!!I am happy to see You too!!!
    Love your first sketch/aquarelle and Sempe..classic Frenchmen!

  5. My question is why are you TAKING a class and not TEACHING your own style, altho I think it is uniquely your style!! My fear is that you will think you need to change your drawings to fit others' ideas when yours are perfect as they are!! I, too like Sempe's work but not as much as yours!! Kepp on keeping on......

  6. Hello, I think your art work is amazing. You are talented. Your sketches are wonderful and it is nice to "see" you. Enjoy the class! Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!

  7. I enjoy so much to see others sketch books, our journals speak volumes as how we see life, that’s a lovely photo at the alter, and the class sounds great!

  8. Rita - your sketches are is such fun to see your sketchbook and read about all the things you are doing. You will enjoy your class I am sure. Have fun friend. P.S. Liked that you shared a photo of yourself. Take care and have a great day. Hugs!

  9. Your sketches are always wonderful--love the stained glass look of the first one. I love the Sempe illustrations, too--how charming.


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