Friday, July 19, 2019

No Spring Chicken

 Eight years ago, when I was selling my art at Art in the Park
a woman asked me to create an illustration
for her daughter, who was raising chickens.

I thought of it recently as I was 
writing a letter in French, and I wanted to say, 
 "I'm no Spring Chicken, you know!"

Google translates that as 
"Je ne suis pas un poulet de printemps,"
which is literal, & I knew that that was probably wrong. 
So using websites, I came up with 2 other, 
probably more accurate translations of what I meant to say.
But that's another story...

I'm not as young as I used to be. 
But I am lucky to still be able to: 
Express myself 
To dance Zumba • to wear fun clothes, 
To work/play at my art • to learn new things,
To eat well • to cultivate healthy habits,
To have old friends and to make new ones.

And on occasion, to be able to share my experience
and to help some one who IS a Spring Chicken.
I'm no spring chicken, but I am very grateful.


  1. I was wondering what you would be sharing about Chickens. From no spring chicken to another!!!

  2. Hello, I just love your chicken sketch! They are so cute. I am no spring chicken, but I do enjoy life. Have a happy day and a great weekend!

  3. AMEN!! Me either!! But often there's a 'spring' in my step, a 'spring' in my attitude, and always gratitude in my heart ... LOVE your chickens ... and your writing, and your attitude! HUGS!

  4. C'est très intéressant. Se souvenir est toujours un tel voyage pour nos esprits.
    Merci pour vos souvenirs et peintures.

  5. I suspect you are more spring chicken than I and as fun as your painting! You capture all these birds so well! Are you doing World Watercolor Month?

  6. Dear poulet des printemps..IMHO you are younger than springtime and your charming and whimsical look at life through your art keeps you young at heart which is the best place to be young... at ♡

  7. I am with you Rita - we may not be spring chickens but just think how young at heart we can be - after all it has been said "We are as old as we feel"...sounds like you are not feeling old at all. :)!

  8. There is definitely something 'spring-y' about you. xx

  9. What a sweet post, Rita. We're fortunate that we have so much to be grateful for.

  10. Lovely drawing and lovely thoughts.


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