Saturday, June 19, 2021

Illustrated Sketch-Diary: A Series

It's a new series of pages, diary pages with illustration. Lately it's been about material objects here at home in a blank book called Stalogy. 

The paper is like tracing paper, thin, crispy, doesn't take much water, so I've been using my Prismacolors over very light washes of color. 




  1. I really like drawing everyday objects. Makes you really LOOK at them!

  2. I really love this -- what a slice of life and objects you use regularly. I don't draw enough from life and I should do more. You inspire me.

  3. Bonjour,

    Un très joli moment à admirer l'ensemble de vos dessins...

    Belle journée à vous,

  4. All very nice use of color and everyday objects👌
    And to quote a mantra from the 60's "Black is beautiful"

  5. LOVE THIS SERIES!!!Dont think we'll get to ME this year as my dh is having a few health issues....hope they get resolved quickly so we can get there in the spring! Our goal is not every National Park..but we visit those we can....

  6. I love these pages. Have you seen Draw Your Day, by Samantha Dion Baker (and her new book, Draw Your World just came out I think)? Your pages remind me of hers.

  7. Rita your pages are lovely. Isn't it amazing how common items in our homes take on such beauty in a sketchbook. Hope you are having a wonderful summer. Have a great fourth of July. Hugs!


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