Sunday, August 20, 2023

Paper Dolls: Artist Trading Cards

Before there were Barbies, there were paper dolls. 
They paved the way for Barbie, that fashion icon.

Our Artist Trading Card theme this month is "Apparel".

Many years ago, this pre-teen Sketchbook Wanderer
thought she might want to become a fashion designer.

That wasn't meant to be, but how I loved
outfits& accessories 
I spent one whole summer designing & sewing clothes
by hand for my Barbie.
I continue to love dolls & miniatures.

20 cards, 2.5 X 3.5", to trade, with outfits
that I myself wouldn't mind wearing.


  1. Thanks for the memories of playing with paper dolls!! Your sketches are adorable and amazing, as always!!

  2. So cute! I remember playing with paper dolls as a child. And I also had some handmade Barbie clothes that were given to me--I wasn't quite as talented as you were to make my own!

  3. Rita you are a lady after my own heart. I adored paper-dolls when I was growing up. Even took those old JC Penney Catalogs and Sears Roebuck and cut out new clothes. Your atc's are so wonderful friend. So glad to see you posting again. Missed you. Hugs!


Thank you for your comments! They mean a lot to me!