Saturday, June 30, 2012

Delicious Color Charts

Color charts are often used as a means to an end. A way to get to know paints & how they mix with one another. A way to develop a color vocabulary or a palette for a painting. But they are gorgeous in their own right.  

There was a time when I made impulsive purchases, not knowing that it was the color that I needed rather than the objects. When I realized that, & when acquiring things was no longer a part of my lifestyle, playing with color 
became the way to satisfy my craving.
  One of the first published artist's sketchbooks I ever saw was that of Sara Midda. 
How imaginatively & sweetly she plays with color, as well as creating a beautiful diary.
Midda's color charts.
What got me thinking about all this color was the Quiller Color Wheel that was introduced in my art group. It can be used in a very  technical way. I was never big on science, but for my 7th grade science project I made a huge oil on canvas color wheel. So now (a "few" years later) my challenge is to integrate some "scientific" & organized experimentation with my more spontaneous approach. Hmm...


  1. I love your color charts. I think they could be framed and hung on a wall to brighten a room.

  2. I love color charts too, and yours are quite lovely.

  3. Dear Rita, thank you for stopping by at Polonica: Home Again. I am thrilled to have you. I've been reading Merisi's blog for a while now. It's one of my favourites. I am so glad to hear that you can read Polish and that through my blog I will be able to show you and tell you a bit about Poland. Perhaps you will visit one day?
    P.S. Mikolajek (Little Nicholas) was one of my daughter's favourite books when she was younger.


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