Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fort Williams Park: Many Delights

 Going to Fort Williams Park has become my Habit. This morning, accompanied by brisk September breezes & powerful surf I had the luxury of taking a longer walk & then sketching on one of the benches along the path. To describe how I was feeling: A toddler person in baseball cap (with his Dad) was speed-toddling. Down the path he went, partly animated by gravity, pad pad pad pad, with his arms raised, humming with his mouth open so his aaaaaaaaaah became ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah with the bounce of his steps. As he passed me he slowed, we made eye contact, & we laughed, we just laughed. I suspect he experiences this kind of stuff in a lot of his young life. But for me, when such moments come, moments of open full joy, I treasure them.

What I tried using my David Dewey concepts: To vary my values (could have done it more...)To leave white to show the lovely rhythms & lines of the foliage, to simplify it. To not use my colors in full intensity from the tube. To use a few warm colors as highlights. And, simply: To capture the view before me. Palette: Cerulean blue, Winsor blue, Cadmium yellow, Hooker's green, and touches of Cadmium red, Alizaron crimson & Raw sienna. (The blue ocean in my sketch is actually not quite as aqua as my camera wants to make it.)
 Last night, we went for a walk at the park. As Monsieur J was taking my picture, a passerby very seriously separated from his companion. As if on a mission he started climbing the rocks behind J. I thought maybe he was going to offer to take my photo from a higher elevation. But no, when he reached the top, he put his fingers in his mouth, pulled it sideways & did that old kid trick with his tongue, making like a lizard (or is it snake?): Lalalalalalalala! Snap, J took the photo not even knowing why I was laughing.  I'm still laughing! A little gift from a stranger...

 Boats punctuate the blueness of the sea so beautifully. This one was pulling a huge barge, also mostly red, toward Portland Harbor.

Sunset on the rocks that are to the right of the little beach. One of the delights in the morning & the evening by the sea is watching the changing light & colors. Just one of the delights....


  1. So nice to see a photo of you, Rita. I also like the photo with the red boat.
    Polish lesson for today: Piszesz coraz lepiej po polsku (in Polish, nouns begin with a capital letter, e.g. Poland, and adjectives begin with a small letter, e.g. "po polsku").
    P.S. as for the meaning of the word "Polonica" and my knowledge of Italian, I replied to you under my post. Have a great day.

    1. Jak zawscze, dziekuję Pani Zosia. Tak, pieszę więcej po polsku, thanks to you & online dictionaries... I went back to read your first Italian post & left a note there. Above, that is me, in very "casual" attire...Rita

  2. Where's the picture of the 'tongue'. hahahaha Always like to stop by the mansion too.

  3. Gift from a stranger...tell me about it!
    Ever get tiny red glasses?

  4. What talent you have, Rita. Your descriptions are as rich as your sketches!


  5. Hi Rita,

    Thanks for your visit to my blog!! :) Here's another bit of wishful thinking for me - to keep a journal sketchbook like you do. Your sketches are gorgeous! I love the lines and the colors and the writing - it all fits!!

    Oh, and the purple flowers in my blog post were heather - it was in full bloom and so pretty!

    xoxo Silke

  6. Hello Rita,
    Thank you for your comment on my last blog post, after which, my computer crashed.
    Love this expansive sketch, and I hope you enjoyed the teaching of David Dewey, an amaaaaazing artist!
    I got up to my cabin on Deer Isle for a week and a half, which was better than nothing, and got some paintings done I like...some ho-humm. Love your ink line, and use of color.
    Keep on painting!


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