Friday, September 13, 2013

Sketches in the Secret Garden

  A friend from back home came to visit. I thought I'd be showing her places but it was she who led me to a  garden that I'd never heard of. It's a sort of secret garden, not publicized, & not on the beaten path.

 We walked up a hill of stone steps to a hidden outdoor pavillion overlooking the sea. There we found
shelter from a misty rain.
The plants of the surrounding gardens, partly because of the rain, were stunning with their contrasting colors.
The donor & creator of this garden wrote that the pavillion is a chapel that stands for
"freedom, thought, prayer & action."

Thanks to her & to my friend for a lovely experience.

PS Can you guess what one of my favorite favorite books was growing up?


  1. i'm guessing 'the secret garden'? :)

  2. SG for sure. My son was in the musical when he was quite young.

  3. Oh, the children's chapel! I love this place. Again, you were so near. We've probably passed each other in the street. xx :)) I LOVE your drawings . . .


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