Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quebec City, Je t'aime

Parliament Building for the province of Quebec, built late 19th century

The official Québec reigion website says: 
"Quebec City: So Europe, So Close"

Six hours close, in fact. 
Follow the river to the border through 
Maine farm, mountain & woodland. 
Then Canadian countryside.  

An annual pilgrimage, often in May.  
Sketching.Early morning at the café. 
Writing, reading, sketching.
"There is more courage than talent in most successes,"
says this postcard.
Strolling in the old city along with other visitors. 
An artistic marionnette show, "Ondin", presented at
Théâtre Jeunesse Gros Becs by
"L'Illusion: Théâtre de Marionnettes" from Montréal.

I cried, not because it was sad, but because it was beautiful.
Coming back with beautiful French language children's books
after hours of happy browsing at the bookstore "Pantoute".
Coming back from a weekend when
so many passions & interests have, once again, 
come together. 

Birdman (of portcitydailyphoto blog) isn't sure 
if there is such a thing as luck.

I am sure that there is such a thing.
And also gratitude.


  1. smiled at your birdman follow-up. :)

    i like their city motto.

  2. Witaj. Czytam, że miałaś miły wyjazd i wspaniałe przeżycia. To cudownie. Ja wróciłam, ale na chwilę, bo w niedzielę jadę na dwutygodniowe wakacje. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  3. I so enjoyed my visit to Quebec City via your post. Your sketches really make your travels come alive. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love your sketches and pictures and books, what a beautiful place!

  5. I can understand your enthusiasm for Quebec. I have only been there once and was completely enthralled by the old city part. If it were closer I would schedule a yearly visit like you. How wonderful that you can spend time in this city sketching and buying books for further ideas. Yes, many things would come together in this city. -- barbara

  6. When I go..soon..it is you that will accompany us:)..Well me..with your words and art!

  7. Such a beautiful post -- your sketches, your words . . .and thank you for the intro to this intriguing spot . . . a new venture for us, too, perhaps soon . . .

  8. Sounds like a perfect sketch trip:) And a perfect trip for France lover! Pozdrawiam:)

  9. What a great time you had there! Doing all what you love, in such a beautiful place . A place where I'd like to go one day!
    I always visit bookshops in foreign countries , they're landmarkds to my eyes.
    Bonne journée et à bientôt!Bises!

  10. I love your sketches. They are loose, soft and at the same time intricate. Lovely. Wish I could speak french!!

  11. Sounds wonderful--I'd love to visit Quebec. And I'd love to have some French children's books--I've heard reading children's books is a good way to learn a language (or at least help to learn it).

  12. Fun sketches and I Love that wide archway shot with the figures
    Looks almost like a stage set or maxfield Parrish painting.

  13. Charming and oh, those children's books look delightful!


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