Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Handmade Card

What I love about making handmade cards for friends
is gearing them specifically to each friend.
Above, it's for someone who loves and celebrates 
the flowers of spring (among many other things.)
A card for a friend who is recovering from a fracture. 
Polka dots make her happy.
They made me happy as I was polka dotting them.
And, they brought back some happy 
polka dot memories from childhood.

It's like I get to borrow a bit of joy from my friends,
and return it with some of my own mixed in.


  1. Witam. To miłe dostać od przyjaciela kartkę przez niego osobiście namalowaną. Ja bym była szczęśliwa, gdybym była taką obdarowana. Pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie z chłodnej Polski i ślę buziaka.

    1. Giga, a gdzie tak zimno? W Warszawie cieplutko od dawna:)

  2. Nothing can beat a beautiful home made card..nothing!
    You are so good at them also..

    we all borrow joy..

    each life has it's is great to be inspired and take in that joy.
    I know I have borrowed yours in your art.

  3. Monique is so spot on, nothing can be beat a home made card. Those cards are so lovely, made with love and sent with love.

  4. I am looking at my card and felted doll right now. Love them both.

  5. I think your friends ought to frame their cards!

  6. Somehow I missed this post. I'm sure your friends were thrilled to receive their lovely cards. Such a simple thing, really, and yet with such a big impact.

  7. Truly, such a gift -- a homemade card, especially ones as beeeeeuteeeful as these xx

  8. These handmade cards are very beautiful. Thanks for sharing these photos with us. We are going to host a DIY craft party on our daughter’s birthday. Will book one of favorite lofty spaces for the birthday bash. Thanks for the ideas!


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