Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Willy Nilly Drop In Journal Book

The Drop In Journal Book, one friend calls it
The Repository. It's a place to toss in
various photos, clippings & cards.
Another blogger friend who inspired this post 
calls them "Odds & Ends". 
My own notes & sketches mixed in with 
images of others...
Patterns to what I collect emerge...
I seem to be fond of grids & squares & rectangles.
This has been going on for years.
 A beautiful card from a special someone...
It could be filed in my box of received cards.
But it needs to be here because of the image.
Some photos & sketches 
of my old Christmas card designs.
Some rough draft remains from 
The Language Exchange logo.
(Not all of the pages are grids and squares.)
 Images of postage stamps.
I had tossed a bunch that I'd kept in a box, 
&  preserved some in the book. 
More little squares, little charts. 
For my naturally nonlinear brain 
they are soothing. 
On the left, a copy of Sara Midda's work. 
On the right, someone's paintings from a magazine
(I should have recorded the artist's name.)
More of my notes & sketches,
 mixied in willy nilly to the Drop In Journal Book.  
This book is just about filled, & I have a new one,
also coptic stitched, standing by!


  1. Of course I had to click and enlarge:)

    Love..your book..
    I wonder if my girls will keep them..

    I know one son-in-law once looked though a few of my books and said he wished his mom had painted certain struck me..

    and my mom..did she have books like these?
    Who knows..I wish I had seen them..
    Lovely post as always! Merci Rita.

  2. Love seeing these images . . . each book an art object of its own . . . xx

  3. What a wealth of happy images. It must give you pleasure to collect and sketch, and to review it later.

  4. Such a wonderful way to collect all your images, patterns sketches in what ever willy nilly order you choose.

  5. Nice blog
    Thank You,
    Singhania & Partners

  6. Wow, that is so nice.
    I think I will make my own book.... just for me.
    You are such a creative person.
    Inspirations and a beautiful blog!


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