Sunday, August 7, 2016

Painting With Friends

How pleasant it is to paint with a friend (who happens to live just down the road.) "T, want to come over to my house to play?" "Yes!" In the midst of dot napkins & cards, giant pearlescent color paint dots, & 2 travel paint boxes (previous post), T made the painting below at my dining table. Pretty joyful, no? Above, part of my ongoing exploration, while thinking about a friend who told me that Cerulean blue is her favorite color.
"R, you want to go out painting?" "Yes!" Yesterday we painted in a café & then at the Library. The mutual back & forth of enthusiasm & ideas doubles the fun. I always did thrive in my teaching & library work by sharing the joy with my colleagues. But I often draw & paint alone...
I also played watercolors with enthusiastic out of state visitors last week. My energy was renewed & revived!
Dots rule! The colors above are duller because I was using up mixed color puddles left over on my palette from a more vivid painting. I made an entry in my small daily diary about painting with T.

A small, spontaneous exploration painting teaches me more about what the paint likes or doesn't like to do, & shows me some lovely color bursts. Whoosh went that yellow!
In past lives, T & I both taught art to preschoolers, (at the same time & almost in the same place!) She & my Spirit Guide Message Blocks remind me to paint the way those children did.


  1. Wow such lovely colors. I would certainly love to come play!! Hope you have a beautiful week. Hugs!

  2. I miss my srtist friend!
    I will see her this week..but she is no longer across the street.
    Such a sweet..colourful post!

  3. Joy! Luv that you have so much of it that it bursts out . . .


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