Saturday, August 6, 2016

Buying Colors

Occasionally I take great pleasure in buying stuff that I don't really need. Toys! Colors! Frivolities that spark joy. (So are they really frivolities??)  A new paint box with "Pearlescent" watercolor pans from Rockport Blueprint (Buying local at this shop often comes with Willow's expertise in showing you stuff). Color dot cocktail napkins. A deck of E. Francis Paper mini cards. 

And~A new Cotman watercolor travel box. Yes, it's true, it's not unlike the one I have, but it has an extra snap on mixing palette. I customized the box by removing most of its Cotman color "cakes" (student grade, some streak) & filling with my own Winsor Newton tube colors ("professional" quality). 

The color strip? I recently experimented with watercolors with a (delightful!) visiting friend who wanted to try watercolor. Paint strips with a flat brush, then dab & dot & run wet colors into each other, & watch them (with fascination) do their thing. The page of rectangular color swatches?  Free from a paint company brochure. 

These little investments 
go a long way. 
More & more I believe it is important 
to receive gifts of joy that come my way. 
And to share them.


  1. Such, brights lovely colors. New art supplies--one of the best simple pleasures of life!

  2. I am a lover of new paints and artist paraphenalia too.

    At least you are an accomplished one..and should have everything you love because you honor the products.

    I keep trying..and I love I started the blueberry picking kiosque for the second time.

    I made a new little cigar box/carry all palette..with my favorite Daniel Smith colors.I ordered small half pans and have filled most.

    I follow Anita Davies..from the may enjoy peaking if you have not already..and without even thinking..she was sending out color dots of her fave colors..and I have it will follow me when I feel the need of a new color.
    I have way too many paints and papers for my lifetime I think..

    My of them..turns 41 this week and although my girls like gift cards and that's what they get,I always add a personal gift.
    This girl has my mom's she is receiving the small Seennelier Travel set..some paper..a travel palette..and a pen..

    I think you are so correct..sharing is delectable.

  3. Love it!! Even do it occasionally!!

  4. Cotmans were my first watercolors and I was sooo disappointed with the quality... I'm an art supplies junkie too :)


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