Friday, July 29, 2016

Early Foggy Morning

 Early foggy morning...looking toward the the hills by the sea...
My friend has gone walking while I sit sketching.
Since the workshop 
I'm drawing more with my brush than with my pen.

Every once in awhile some tourists come by. 
They are respectful and do not come too close.
I hear and say, "Good Morning", and "Have a Good Day"... 
But I think we mean it more here, at this hour, 
than we do with cashiers at the grocery store.

There is a whole day ahead.
This is a lovely start.


  1. Good Morning Rita..Have a GREAT Day..I love when you post:)

  2. Love the suggestion of fog in this sketch. Your post is almost like a poem :).

  3. Yes, I see the change in style. It's especially effective for fog!


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