Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Umbrella Personalities

My town's Arts in the Park Fair, down by the Harbor, got a rainy Sunday morning. I donned my new yellow raincoat & blue umbrella & went down to take photos. Of people with umbrellas.  I have loved umbrellas since I was a wee little girl. My colorful umbrella gave me fancy dancing powers. Singin' in the Rain. 
I looked forward to rainy days ~ still do!
Diane Horton, (with her Monet Poppy Field umbrella) is a popular local artist.  
How cheerful people were even though the rain was washing things out.
 Ooooh, colorful umbrellas, reminding me of my first one. 

Umbrella Personalities!

Blog Post, October, 2012. Boston Rainy Day. 
I was sketching  through a café window that faced a busy intersection. 

Umbrella. Parapluie. ParAsol. (Polish with accent on the 2nd "a") 
Even its names are fun to say!

And you, do you like rainy days?


  1. Love all your sketches and the colorful umbrellas!!

  2. I second Beth.I would never put down my paintbrush:)
    Love these.
    I too really like umbrellas..I bought one each for the girls when they were little..and I remember the one I had when I was at McGill..see-through:) Very 70's:)
    I had a new travel one for Paris because I could not find my other..never used it..the weather was murky those days..not pouring..

  3. I love the idea for your umbrella sketches! They have a personality all their own. Yes, I like rainy days, and it's a good thing because we get quite a bit of rain here in the Sunshine State.

  4. Glad to see that the rain didn't scare off visitors! Here in the Pacific Northwest we have a term 'umbrella rain'. Usually we just get a drizzle, and people walk in it, sans umbrella.

  5. Oh, I missed you . . .I was there on Saturday, sans umbrella :))

  6. Love the umbrellas and the slug, Rita. You do wonderful work!


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