Saturday, July 2, 2016

My Slug Helps Me to Organize

It started because I couldn't find my slug from a 2012 post. To see that post, Click Here
I tore through a big box of drawings from the last 4 years, 'Where are you, Slug?!" 
Mon Dieu, quel désordre!

Now, I have piles arranged by subject:
Landscapes, journal pages, plants, Portland,
café people, buildings, small whimsical drawings...

Next, I will place them back in the box, 
with sticky note labels.

I long for the kind of order that the 
compartmentalized box above provides for color floss. 
(bought at the local Waterfall Arts Annual Yard Sale).
But it doesn't come naturally to me.
 I do manage to corral my supplies and creations into some sort of compartments. 
But disarray often finds its way back & 
I still manage to lose things. Just not as often as I used to...

I thank my lost slug (who was eventually found)
 for getting me started on this organization thing. 
I was at a point where I couldn't move forward 
with my art & my projects, 
a chaotic disorientation taking hold of me. 

Oh, please, do share YOUR tips for organization 
with me & my slug!


  1. Mr France tells me 'I am the worlds worst disorganised person' so I'm not the one to help you , but I do like looking at this blog every now & again, and wish I could be like Karen at

  2. :)

    What a treasure trove of wonderful art:)♥
    I have floss boxes like that and to me they are worth GOLD.
    I like looking at and using them of course..
    So funny a slug led you to organize..

    I am too organized..I like looking at tidy..but I am not a all.
    Funny the year my husband met father told him to go and look in my room because I was the messiest ever...he said go see how she lives..when I look back it was absolutely fine..I have seen much worse..I guess being married to an engineer for 42 yrs..had something to do with it..
    my garden stuff in the garage though..not so much...and I don't move furniture to vacuum.
    Oh and when I am in the midst of sewing..I don't tidy that room till I am done:)
    I think you probably had a ball going through everything..I like doing that..memories come flooding back:)

  3. Ha ha--the title of your post drew me in! I wish I could help, but alas, I am in need of some organizing help myself. Only my problem is stacks and stacks of papers that belong to various writing projects I'm either in the middle of or that I want to take on. If I put them away, they don't exist anymore for me! Please let me know if you find a solution :).

  4. I wish I had tips for you. But your words "disarray always finds its way back" could have been my own! I tend to stack things, then shove them aside when there's no work space, then freak out a little when it all gets to crazy and put it in order. Doesn't last long, though.

  5. Rita -- you have touched on a subject of great magnitude. Sometimes I have to move mountains to find that one little thing I have misplaced. My "looking" for the missing thing opens up a treasure trove of missing paraphernalia. All fun (mostly). Not much help am I. -- barbara

  6. How funny that your disarray/search for slug/ led to the rest of us confessing our own disarray. I have semi-tidy piles . . . and piles . . .and towering, threatening piles . . .alas. :)) xx

  7. The good thing abt messes is you find stuff you'd forgotten about! Can be very inspiring. And it's free. I refuse/am unable to change. Unless company is coming...

  8. while my art room definitely has its moments of mess, I function better with order. One method that has helped my corral my spiraling-out-of-control paper collection (for collage art, so some pcs are tiny, some are big) is this: using a standard cardboard bankers box as a filing/storage box and pendaflex folders, I organize my paper my topic or color so think it could work for you. Especially since you've already got your drawings sorted. Just transfer each stack into a labeled pendaflex and as you make new ones, they'll easily drop into the appropriate file so you don't have to redo your stacks in a couple months. Good luck!


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