Friday, June 24, 2016

Doing "Nothing" on the Seaside Deck

I recently went back to the inn at Spruce Head for a night (after having been there on June 4 (backtrack to the post of June 8.)  I returned so I could sit again on the shaded deck & gaze, & smell the flowers & feel the sea breeze. And to sink into the quiet & peaceful rhythms of the tides & the seabirds & the light & the changing colors. The sketch above is actually a sketch drawn after I got back home. It was based on the rather scribbly & energetic sketch, below.
The difference is interesting to me. 
Below is the first sketch from the previous visit, also different.
Each one is my true impression, but none are attempts at accurate drawing. Sometime I would like to make some accurate  studies of landscapes using perspective among other techniques. But, these sketches are just my way of using my journal to observe & to connect with a place where I love lingering. They are almost an excuse to be able to sit & do "nothing"...


  1. Feel like I am sitting there with you!!

  2. Lovely. You've hit upon one of the beauties of sketching on location--connecting with what you see. And what you see is a little different every time!

  3. Rita -- Some locations in our life are so uplifting that we relish our return trips. Spruce Head appears to be one of those locations for you. I feel that you will make more return trips. Obviously nature has a definite tug on your psyche as reflected in your post's natural observations -- and of course your lovely sketches. -- barbara

  4. I love that you take/make the time to inhale the calm and that your sketches capture these times. xx


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