Monday, July 25, 2016

Evening Sketches by the Bay

Late afternoons, early evenings on the nearby mountaintop. 
There are some tourists. They are happy to be here. 
I go for solitude, but I like meeting people from other places.
I name some of the islands & distant mountains for them.
Sharing what I know, it isn't much, but we all enjoy it.

Another little known place, a small rock & shell beach.
My companion started packing up to leave 
just as I began drawing this one. 
It was an incomplete vignette, but after I added color from memory, 
I liked the resulting simplicity.


  1. Rita -- I can feel the beauty of the coast in your sketches. I too love solitude when I am near nature. I think my dog Daisy does too as she always knows when I am going to the large park located across the road from my complex. No water but lots of trees, trails, and wildlife. -- barbara

  2. It is truly BEAUTIFUL where you are..and you show us w/ your paintings.
    Thank you.

  3. I enjoy the beach most when I'm on my own. Love how you've captured the evening light!

  4. Peace and tranquility...priceless!


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