Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Volunteer Gardener

 One of the last small pieces I did, 
just before hanging the show.
She is a local volunteer from the Belfast Garden Club
who creates & tends town gardens.
On this hot morning when I was sketchbook wandering 
she was taking a break from
her flower beds around the police station,
on a bench in front of the post office.
We had a lovely conversation which is handwritten
by fountain pen below her image.
It's not here, as I would have to get her permission,
but I will tell you that this is one very positive lady
who loves what she is doing!
She enjoys, in Barbara Cooney's words,
 "making the world a more beautiful place."
Belfast has its very own Miss Rumphius! 


  1. Catching up on your posts. You've been a very busy girl! Congratulations on the show. And on all of these wonderful posts.

  2. I love your Sketchbook Wanderings . . .

  3. This is a wonderful piece, Rita. It truly captures personality as well as shape and form and that's not easy.

    Also, I wanted to thank you for your visits to the Gypsy. Your show reminds me I have to get on the stick for my November sale... yikes!

  4. Ah Rita this is such a great sketch. I just love your garden lady. Thanks for sharing your wanderings with me. Hugs!

  5. Love that you've saved her for posterity.
    I've talked to her, too and taken photos.
    I LOVE the people in the garden club! They help make out town so beautiful...and... provide fodder for my photos.


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