Friday, April 12, 2019

Café With a Fellow Sketcher

I met one of The Sketchers at a café downtown...
She is our steadiest & most persistent member
& a total inspiration.
It's so nice to sketch with someone else...
We draw, we chat a frees my process...
Takes the pressure off that my brain wants to impose.

That's my Kakuno fountain pen 
filled with Platinum Carbon waterproof ink. 
The pen is very inexpensive,
but draws super well on Moleskine sketch journal paper. 
It felt like the pen was drawing rather than me!


  1. Oh I love when a pen has a mind of its own! Beautiful sketch!

  2. I bet a million people will want to buy that pen:)I do remember painting..(folk art 100 yrs ago) with a friend at the time.It was lovely.Quite zen.
    Even when my Littles liked to felt zen..quietly absorbed in our work..some words..just right.
    This is charming.Bon weekend.

  3. Charming!! Is that Baywrap? Great pen..will it write for me???

  4. Now that must be a wonderful feeling -- that the pen is drawing you. Must be a darned good pen and what an endorsement! I love painting in the company of others. When my friend Kate and I get together, as often as not it is to draw or paint. And truly, they are the best times -- sketch, chat, sip, lather, rinse, repeat! I loved your page, too.

  5. Rita - your wonderful sketch was so full of details that it made me feel that I was sitting right at the table with you and your friend enjoying the chat and atmosphere. Thanks for including me :)! Hugs

  6. I absolutely love your sketch. I haven't been sketching outside my home in a long time--you make me want to go. And I need a pen like that, to help with my drawing skills!

  7. Hi Rita! Thanks for coming over to my blog! You asked about Harry -- the ditch is about eight blocks from home, a very easy walk! I had another fishing sighting the other day. I could watch him fish for hours!

    Hope your Easter was a happy one!


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