Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Snippets Not Sketches

 Back to playing with watercolor snippets & now, 
watercolor buttons. Buttons-bullets-chips-charms-dots...
Coincidentally I painted my dots at Dot's Café, 
unaware of the connection until later.  Fun!

They were inspired by Robinsunne,
a local artist & teacher.
She makes "paper charms" in sandwiched pairs. 

Like beads, they embellish her journals.
To view one of her video tutorials
click here. For creating her paper pockets, another link.

A store bought envelope with 3 pockets,
inspired by Robinsunne's 
Tri-fold Pocket Journal Making Techniques
as seen in the linked videos.
The envelopes were intended for my color snippets,
(in the 1st photo), but there were too many, 
& I didn't want to hide them.
I think I'll put in some secret messages instead. 

I have some plans for my paper buttons.
Maybe you, Dear Readers, have some ideas...
Ideas or not, please do leave me a comment!


  1. I love the ideas of paper snippet and buttons! Your work is always filled with color and joy and it always, always makes me happy.

  2. what great ideas, I even have some pieces of cuttings I could implement from,, I usually just make book marks, or gift tags from my scraps from cropping my watercolor paintings, I love your colors,,

  3. I love it and I can just visualize you at Dot's with your scissors clipping away. The link looks great and I'll check it out later. As usual, love your whimsical work.

  4. I love painting swatches and cutting out..flowers too..and I just bought wee glassine envelopes for messages and added gems:)

  5. Thanks, Rita! I like your bright colors so much. And I am delighted and intrigued by how you used the colors as your messages. I think that I often get carried away by words (easy to do!) It is wonderful to have the letters be all about the colors of the snippets.

  6. Rita you have inspired me to recycle some of my many :( failed watercolor paintings by doing some snippets and buttons of my own. What a great way to embellish my planner. Thank you friend for the links as well. Hope you are having a lovely day. Hugs!

  7. Rita, I have enjoyed your lyrics, your sketches, your creativity, your ability to notice and share the amazing world we live in, often which others fail to notice. You have a magical way of simplifying a complex scene into simple shapes and colors.
    I love your blog and love your work. And, I'm sure if we lived closer we would be great friends.
    Thank you for enriching my life.


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