Friday, March 19, 2021

Journals Dioramas Boxes Handbags & Postcards

I've been away from the blog world for so long. 
Thank you Catherine with a C for your sweet note 
on my previous entry.
Above, an illustrated journal entry 
in the form of a diorama foldable card.

A lot of my writing & art has been in my personal daily journal. 
It serves as a modified bullet journal/organizer. 
It grounds me each day. 
It's a place where I collect & sift through 
my thoughts, feelings & observations.  

Rough & Tumble handbags also help me to organize my life.
I love them as art objects & for their wonderful functionality.
They are designed & made here in Maine, one bag at a time,
though they sell online worldwide.

I've been creating in postcard formats lately.
I copied the Irish blessing from a postcard 
that someone in my art journal group sent me. 
The bottom part, "For Today"
is an excerpt pulled from that day's personal journal page.

In the art group it was my turn to present an activity. 
I taught folded boxes 
& during the week we used our boxes to collect
words, ideas, images & expressions. 
Another form of personal journaling.

I made mine from paste papers that I'd painted 
in some workshops during the last several years. 
I was introduced recently to the white ink Uniball Signo pen
which creates beautiful lines over color. Love it!

So, I've missed you all & over the weekend I look forward
to reading & commenting on your blogs. 
Things are looking more hopeful than in 2020.

Someone reminded me recently,
"Spring is a process, not a moment."
So I can wish you a good Spring before the official 1st day,
with a virtual card.


  1. Rita what an uplifting and inspiring post. Just love your personal journal pages and your boxes are gorgeous with your lovely pen work. Yes I am hoping 2021 will be much better than 2020. Take care and have a delightful weekend. Hugs!

  2. oh how I have missed your blogposts! great cards!!!! Love what you are doing -- love your handwriting too! All good here .... vaccinated and feeling a bit more hopeful for 2021 ..

  3. So cool to see you post again. You've been missed! I enjoyed these glimpses at your projects, especially the diorama journal entry. What a fun thing!

  4. That diorama:):):):
    I too enjoy all your creative endeavours!!
    When the student is ready the teacher will appear..Dear Dr Wayne Dyer taught me this♥He hd quoted Lao Tzu..yet it was not..?
    I went through a WD stage....
    Bon weekend!

  5. During these uncertain times, I admit I was worried about you during your blog-free stretch and am so relieved and happy to see your colorful post. I like all of these ideas... especially the diorama folding card.

  6. Always great to see your wonderful art and calligraphy.

  7. Happy Spring!
    The boxes are cute, and your handwriting gorgeous.

  8. "Ï carve in cursive with my feet." The is so eloquently poetic. So delighted to see a post here -- you wonderful journal painting, the thick-bound journal, your delightful boxes. They all make me so very happy. And spring will be here before we know it! Have a wonderful week, my friend. I suspect there will still be time to carve with your feet before the big melt. I hope so.

  9. Quite a smorgasbord of art ..a feast for the eyes...your blog has been missed..thanks for sharing what you've been up to lately!!

  10. Wonderful blog and artworks

  11. You have been missed. So glad to read about your beautiful creations. Especially love the boxes. Enjoy the spring!


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