Sunday, January 31, 2021

For the Love of Penmanship

What do all these images have in common?
I wrote a letter to my 3rd grade teacher to thank her for teaching me cursive.
(It's not one I can really send). But it was a great prompt for journaling/memoirs.
I've been refining my cursive writing with a book, The Art of Cursive Penmanship.

A Test of the Pens in a new Quo Vadis Journal.
Clairfontaine dot grid but on white instead of cream color
like my favorite Rhodia Web Notebooks.


Pages from my Daily Journal

A different sort of art journal. Folio collage in which I'm using up snippets, little drawings
& watercolor washes & designs from my stored stash.

Yes! Handwriting with fountain pens! Love!
PS My favorite source for pens, ink, journals, paper:
Goulet Pens. Variety, customer service, yes,
but also education & inspiration of how to further 
their use & enjoyment.

Do you write/draw with a fountain pen or did you?


  1. Pens! Paper! Color! Beautiful penmanship! My favorite things and all of them I associate with you. xx

  2. Very nice.
    Recently I began a journal to illustrated, doodle, write in. I can see already the future will include more pens, colors especially.

  3. THAT is dedication. So beautiful. I got a thank you note from an 8 year old British girl with beautiful cursive penmanship. Can't believe we don't teach cursive anymore in school.

  4. Yes love pens..fountain..calligraphy and a newfound love Fde:)The art classes with Roisin Cure led me to them..
    Great calligraphy!Lovely work on everything Rita.

  5. LOVE these pages!!! and all the writing and different color inks! I've never had much luck with fountain pens - they always tend to clog on me -- and with my unsteady hands, I tend to spill more ink when refilling the pen than gets into the pen -- but I do love what you achieve with yours!

  6. This is so lovely, Rita! The fountain pens are beautiful -- and I really love your penmanship style. Rick is a big fountain pen guy. But seeing them used in art is really special.

  7. WOW I am impressed....Not a fan of using fountain pens...But you produce such lovely script and art work...MAGIC!!! especially for a leftie!!! I would have ink all over the back of my fingers!!! Lovely images as well as artwork..the colors are a feast for the eyes!

  8. I love the idea of fountain pens, and I even have a couple, but I haven't sat down and practiced with them. I should follow your example!

  9. You've inspired me to get out my fountain pens. I used to write all my letters with one, but in this age of email, letters are fewer. Time to reconnect with my Parker. I've missed it!

  10. I miss your blog and hope you are well!

  11. Rita you are a gal after my own heart. My penmanship is not great but I love writing with different pens. Have done a bit with fountain ones and have enjoyed using them. Your art folio is beautiful. Hope you are keeping safe and well. Hugs!

  12. LOVE YOUR WRITING!!! The one fountain pen I own got clogged -- and, since I tend to 'spill' things, I fear the ink needed in fountain pens -- so I'm using (drawing the lines on my blank pages), waterproof ink pens - those that write on wet paper ... I have two different line widths -- I would LOVE to be able to use a fountain pen - but I have already ruined 95% of my tee shirts with paint -- let alone link! LOL

  13. I wonder if you're going to do the 100 People Challenge this coming week - March 8-12? I heard about it through Urban Sketchers and Liz Steele. Again, I miss your posts and hope you are well.

  14. I hope you’ll post soon and let your followers know how you’re doing. In these uncertain times, I admit to being worried about your long hiatus. I hope you are well!

  15. Absolutely JOYOUS AND FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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