Monday, January 18, 2021

Blue: Folio Book with Pockets & a Pamphlet Booklet


I promised myself & you, blog visitors, that I 
would glue up my painted Blue papers (previous post) 
into a folded folio.

The pages of the little tied up booklet 
have become ink swatches
of 5 favorite fountain pen inks in blue: 
Diamine Polar Glow, Noodler's Midnight, Sailor 940, 
Sailor Yonaga, & Noodler's Blue. 

The sentence in the lower right middle, on vellum says,
"Blue, réconforte-moi." Translated: "Blue, comfort me..."


  1. So those blues! Are those folios with watercolor paper?

    1. Thank you, Lin! Yes, that is watercolor paper, Cold press, 140 with washes that I had created when I first got my Daniel Smiths. The pens were drawn on hot press, color added with watercolor, and these are prints of the original pens.

    2. So wonderful..
      Enchanting colors! Love all the that a writing booklet..or one for watercolor? The one with the ribbon? So much reminds me of a travelers journal or folio

    3. Yes, I stitched up a pamphlet book, the pages inside are card stock.. I have been exploring all kinds of possibilities for Traveler's Notebooks and what they call "Junk Journals." Influence of my Art and Journaling Group which meets via Zoom.

  2. Looks like fun to make and use!!♥️♥️

  3. Oh, that's another idea for my tiny blue book -- swatches! I love the colors and how you put your folio together. The blues are all so lovely. Love the name "Noodlers Ink" -- it just sounds fun!

  4. Lovely blue hues....very soothing on the eyes...calming colors...

  5. Love it. Blue is also my favorite color and it does comfort me. It means home.

  6. I LOVE this♥I love inks and pens and your Folio the most.

  7. Love your bleus Rita ! And the bowl of course


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