Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Sketching at the Little Beach

Finally, an outdoor sketch! 
We weren't exactly outdoors, we were eating 
takeout sandwiches in the car,
 overlooking the little beach that is just south of here.
The seagulls are way too big, 
but it was they who dominated my attention. 
Six of them,
hanging out, swimming from pebbled sand, 
then riding tiny waves,
then just floating & bobbing, 
One was often apart from the group, 
but eventually joined the others...


  1. Looks cool outside -- but fun!!!

  2. This looks like my lake! And the seagulls -- foreground, of course they are big! Oh, how nice to get out or outish to sketch again -- and to see open water!

  3. Sweet sketch--I'll bet it was a little too cold for sketching outdoors!

  4. Love to see seagulls or ducks floating in the water and you captured them very well...I can almost smell the ocean and hear their cries....


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