Friday, September 21, 2012

The Eiffel Tower

Sketchbook Wandering's rendition of La Tour Eiffel. 
This was the my first glimpse, during my 1st trip,as I turned a corner in the 7th arrondissement

I woke up with the Eiffel Tower on my mind & coincidentally, Virginia (click on Paris Through My Lens) & Genie (click on Paris and Beyond) also posted images of La Tour Eiffel today. Of course, when is it not on my mind? It symbolizes Paris & if you love Paris you probably know Paris Breakfasts who shares such wonderful Paris information & images. Images of the Eiffel are not uncommon:
Paintings by Maurice Utrillo & Raoul Dufy. I was first drawn to these paintings in my youth, when my love for Paris began.

Chez Toi en France is a gorgeous children's book."Paris a sa grande dame, La Tour Eiffel."..The book is bi-lingual in French & English. "Paris has a majestic lady, The Eiffel Tower."

 Delauney was obsessed by La Tour Eiffel, painting at least 30 versions. He appreciated it as a radio tower & symbol for global communication as well as for its beautiful design.
This book is one of a series on Paris arrondissements. The watercolors are by René Oghia & are gorgeous.

A book for children ABC de Paris: Découvrir la capitale est un jeu d'enfant by Raphaëlle Aubert has fun images & information for fans of Paris.

A children's book called Minou, illustrated by Itoko Maeno is a lovely story featuring many Parisian landmarks.

 Nine out of twelve images in the Paris Calendar by Cavallini & Co. feature the Eiffel. When I first went to Paris it seemed like such a cliché, & I almost didn't go to see it. I was thrilled to find that it was far more original, complex , magificent & impressive than I thought!


  1. Our lives are interesting... and different. Paris is NEVER on my mind. Well, maybe Paris, Tx.

  2. I never get tired of the Eiffel Tower.

  3. Great work ! Congratulations !!!
    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog,
    You can also visit and comment my other pages and albums... (you've to search !)
    Best regards from Paris,


  4. I NEVER tire of her and my collection of towers is still growing! Merci for the link to my blog and for all the terrific book ideas. Monsieur Amazon will love your for this!

  5. Funny I have the same ABC book!
    I was googling Eiffel Towers...


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