Thursday, January 17, 2013

Little Snow Folks

Snow, all day yesterday. Snow! not rain!
I shovelled & roof raked, conscientious adult, I got it done.
But, for the first time in many years, I also stopped to play.
If an adult needs justification for play,
then let it be for the serious purpose of "Stress Reduction". 
This morning I dressed these little snow folks that were born yesterday.
Just as I was finishing the school bus rode by
& some of the children quickly sat up, pointing. I waved, they waved.
If an adult needs justification for taking the time to play,
then let it be to make children happy.
But, here's the thing:
A little joy, a little love, no better justification than that!


  1. How lovely your snow men look, It's obvious you had fun making them & also made the children happy.

  2. They are adorable and as we rarely (less than once in a blue moon) have snow, I am particularly enjoying your photo and story. Of course, this is right down my alley... having just made arrangements with a 5-yr-old to spend the night with his grandparents and play "monster" (running through the house) and have a pillow fight - yay!!

    Stay warm, ma chère amie!


  3. I love these snowpeople! Each year I tell myself I should make a tiny one, and I never seem to make the time. Perhaps the next time we get measurable snow, I can make someone else smile with my creation.

    To answer your question...I teach in a public school! Shall we share email addresses to talk further about things?

  4. Time to play is always important.

  5. Go Rita! You made me happy too :-).

  6. Hey, those little guys are so cute!
    I'm glad you joined my blog,because I really like yours, too! :o)


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