Sunday, January 6, 2013

Magical Powers of Snow People

I haven't been sketching much lately, but the other morning I sketched 
a shop window display looking out the window 
of my café in the Old Port. 
Several years ago a snowfall created a perfect medium for creating snow folks. Don't you love the snowdog? One year, the Child Me made a snowhorse. You could actually sit on it & rock it as if you were galloping! 
Snowfamilies were out in full force the year of the snow sculpture snow.
Personalities appeared, & you felt the energy of the families working together.

I had few picture books as a child, but I loved the ones I had. One of them was a story of a talking snowman who eventually had to melt (no, it wasn't Frosty). I think there were icicles who told the child how sad they were to leave, but that they would be back the following year. I don't recall the name of the book & can't even find it on the site "Stump the Bookseller". But the impression was deep & lasting.  Then, in the 80's, at my graduate school, I first saw the film based on Raymond Briggs' book The Snowman. 
Here was a snowman who danced, flew, & even visited the boy inside his house, all told in gentle animation with lovely music. I was charmed all over again.I did my final project on an integrated curriculum around the theme of snow.

I can hear my mother's voice right now: "Go out & play in the snow while we have it!" 
OK, Inner Mom Voice, I'm putting on my boots.


  1. so sweet. love the snow families. :)

  2. Snowmen capture lost winter childhoods so well.

  3. I, too, love snowmen and snow women and snow dogs and more. I appreciate how that shop window sketch led you to seeing more snow people and relating it all to THE SNOWMAN. I will try to discover that book title for you. A librarian's obsession.

    1. That would be such a treat if you found it, Ms Jewel!
      That librarian obsessiveness, isn't it great? A children's librarian friend says: "Like a dog to a bone!"
      More information: The snowman and maybe some of the other images had a textured material...maybe it was glittered & then the glitter wore off so it felt sandy? That added to impression it made on me as a young child, to experience it through touch as well as sight & sound. The site I found, Stump the Bookseller, had one inquiry about what seems to be the same book. She's the one who reminded me of the icicles...Thank you!

  4. Oh I LOVE the snow dog. How fun that everyone got out to build snow people. Did you take a picture of your snow horse? how ambitious of you. lol Happy sketch too. :)

  5. Childhood memories of snow men, how precious. I hope you find the book you remember from your childhood.

  6. Love yr snow people!
    The dog has just won Best of Show?

  7. Fantastic! The dog is amazing. I love those snow families.

  8. Géant ces "bonhommes de neige".


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