Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Un froid de canard! It's Cold!

For my French & francophone friends, click on the image to read better the above notes. (& please excuse any errors.) My master's degree was about integrating arts into learning. For one of the 1st times in my life, I, as student, was encouraged to learn through my individual style, thereby later accepting various learning styles of my students. I try to study French grammar & vocabulary at least 15 minutes each day, using a traditional graph paper notebook (très linear). But here is an alternate way. French language integrated with my non-linear mode of sketching! I wonder if you have a favored learning style or mode for comprehension & expression.


  1. sweet little ducks and mom hugging her child. :)

  2. Love how you are turning your art into a learning tool and experience!

    Italians like to say "un freddo da morire" (so cold one could perish) when it's freezing cold.
    I love the English expression, brass monkey weather.

    Stay warm and have fun with your French learning,

  3. What a great method to use for learning your French grammar. I think I should take a leaf out of your book & follow in your footsteps. That is a truly English expression. Hope you didn't mind me slipping that in.
    I admire your determination. What great sketchs you produce.

  4. This is a lovely page to represent the chill. I love how you express your French grammar within your artwork. I have always believed what you learned: each person's learning style supports what she/he needs to completely engage in the experience. I can listen, but I prefer to read and discover on my own, especially when it comes to hands-on things. If you want to write to me, the address is

  5. I read no French but I can pretty much tell what you are talking about with the drawings.. Pretty cool. Love your style.

  6. I would love to learn language from a drawing like this. Just for fun, a Polish saying about Paris:
    I w Paryżu nie zrobią z owsa ryżu. :-) Miłego dnia, Rito.

  7. Sweet! Brave of you too to take on a second language!


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