Monday, February 11, 2013

Abstract Snow

I knew it was to be temporary, but I didn't know exactly what I'd find.
Yesterday I went wandering with camera instead of sketchbook at Portland Head Light. (Today it's raining.)
The play between the drifts from the previous day's blizzard & the shadows from the mid-morning sun created a landscape that I identified as part some other planet, not my little world of the expected.
I found myself knee deep in snow in places, & on bare ground in others, sometimes with sudden transitions.
 It was no longer snow or drift or shadow. I was a part of a magnificent natural masterpiece.
If I was a bit disoriented, it was with pleasure.
Several other dramatic landscapes & formations revealed themselves too, all within the very small area of this seaside public park! More to come tomorrow!


  1. (we kind of traded 'norms' today; you posted photos and i posted a drawing. :) i did 24 mos. of drawings as giveaways in a row, then took january off. if you ever want to see the others i've given away, i have a tab called 'my giveaways' on my blog. some better than others...) :)

  2. Very sculptural...amazing patterns and shadows

  3. Your photos are fantastic. What artistic snow sculptures all created by nature. Amazing what beauty she can render. Looking forward to more tomorrow. -- barbara

  4. These images a beautiful! They remind me of glaciers. I especially like the texture under your shadow.

  5. Oh my! Your photos are stunning and you have captured the snow drifts as works of art... exquisite sculptures of nature.


  6. I'm very imlpressed by all this snow! I like this idea, to see it as a new landscape, from an other planet.; that's so true! a magic post!

    PS: "un sac poubelle" is a plastic bag where to put garbbage.Not an usual cloth, except for B.Cooper in the movie! :o)


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