Thursday, February 14, 2013

Maine's Valentine Bandit

Portland loves Valentine's Day.
Three Valentine Fairies walking around, blowing bubbles, spreading cheer.
Students from the art school? Naaaaah, Fairies.
Note the heart on the door behind them.
It is the work of Portland's Valentine Bandit.
 Each year since 1976 the Bandit tapes hearts everywhere in Portland:
On shop windows, statues, even parking meters! One TV station caught the Bandit during the night,
but to their credit they did not reveal his or her identity.  

This tradition has spread to other cities such as Bangor, & Montpelier Vermont,
but Portland is proud of its Bandit: the first in the country!

The hearts make us feel good, & they also get us to slow down & really look at details in our city.
Valentine's Day in Portland. Better than Christmas, in my opinion!


  1. Funny and cool...
    Best regards from Paris,


  2. Always a fun time, but better than Christmas? You might want to check into a local clinic. hahahaha

  3. How festively fun!! Love the Valentine Faeries! And that gorgeous red door seems tailor-made for a visit from the Valentine Bandit - wouldn't be surprised if the Bandit's HQ was behind that door. :-) How great that other towns have adopted this tradition!

    I found your blog via a comment you left on Barbara's (Folkways Notebook) birds nest post. You got my attention when you mentioned the Portland Head Light, as my grandparents used to live just blocks from there in Cape Elizabeth, while I lived in Kennebunk during my high school and college years. Funny thing - yours was the second mention of the Portland Head Light that I've spied on a blog this morning! (The other is on a SkyWatch Friday post!)

  4. now THAT'S the way to vandalize!!! awesome tradition!

  5. So much better than tags and graffiti, so romantic, so funny at the same time! The kind of bandit I adore! :o)

    About the video: I only know it took place in Moscow, and was a flahmob offered by the husband to his new wife as a surprise. A friend sent it to me for V-Day, and I found it so cheerful, so joyful and so full of positive energy that I wanted to share it.

  6. Fantastic architectural elements -- barbara

  7. How fun about the secret Heart bandit. So glad the news didnt spoil it. I LOVE that red door front.. or is it hot pink? no matter its wonderful.

  8. What a heartfelt idea! I love it! I also love the Valentine from you that arrived in the mail :)

  9. Can tell you're an artist -you have hundred-and-one ideas and thoughts. Viva le (or la) Bandit:)


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