Friday, February 8, 2013

Making Valentines in a Snowstorm

 Today's view from the kitchen window...
What do you do when you are snowed-in?
Make Valentine's Cards! These cute 3X4" graph paper bags (hearts added by me) are by Whisker Graphics, bought at my favorite papeterie (translated, "stationer's boutique", but it's so much more) this side of France. It is Rock Paper Scissors in Wiscasset, Maine. Anticipating today's storm, we took a trip up there yesterday & I took photos! (I will show you next time!) I am so happy to have permission to "hunker down" (translated "s'installer" by Wordreference...), but am wishing & hoping that we don't lose electricity...


  1. I've NEVER been snowed-in!!
    I think I would cross stitch , or read , or write ..
    But I would not have the idea to make lovely VDay cards! :o)
    I hope you'll stay safe and warm. Take a good care of you!

  2. good luck with the storm! i do hope you keep power and heat!

  3. I love dramatic winter storms. Reminds me who is in charge. When I was young it was common for towns to have stationary stores -- now they seem like historic artifacts -- nice to know Maine still has them. -- barbara

  4. Stay warm. I'm just hoping the power hold for the day. The drifts are AMAZING here. 33 inches so far...

  5. We were snowed in back in 1976 for several days. Lots of people never got home from work. It usually took about 30 minutes to get home. That day it took me 6 hours.

  6. Lovely Valentines! I want to send you something in the mail :)

  7. What a fun way to spend a snow day. I love your sketch. We've only had snow one day this winter - it was yesterday, and it's all gone today.


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