Monday, September 16, 2013

Water Lights

 So, yesterday I wanted to return to the magic I had found at the outdoor chapel (previous post), & to share it with my J. It was not to be. It was a bright sunny day with a clear ocean view, but, some people were sprawled next to it, conversing LOUDLY. If I were a writer it might have been a fine opportunity for borrowing dialogue. But, all I wanted was QUIET, noting that the chapel had been designed as a place for meditation. Humph. 

So, we left, & stopped to stroll on a nearby, tree-lined, sun-dappled QUIET country lane at the Galloway farm~How pastoral, the farm, the pond, the distant hills, & of course, those cute cows. It was QUIET, except for some pretty hearty & rather enjoyable bellowing. After that, we came onto a public cove, located on a sort of outer Camden Harbor, Oh, I love it so much more than the "downtown" harbor which is quite populated, or should I say Boat-alated! What interested me in the above scene was the reflections of the boats & their masts...and of course, the tranquility. The only movement from time to time was by small families of ducks silently, smoothly cruising by. 
 My interest in reflections came from a little 2nd hand book I recently found. A former drawing teacher used to warn us, "Never use books on technique! Rely on your authentic observations & your intuition!" Mostly, I love that, but, at this stage, I might integrate a little advice from a "how-to" book while remembering NOT to rely on pat formulas over true observation & heartfelt response. Already the book helped me yesterday to NOTICE the reflections, setting the focus in my eyes to the clear lights before me.
I didn't sketch. But I looked & saw (& enjoyed peaceful QUIET...)


  1. For some reason I've not been getting your posts. So glad to see you again. I know exactly how you feel about noisy people spoiling your favourite places. I took my niece to one of my favourite picnic lakes & the same thing happened to us.So we left & found somewhere else. I have some of Terry Harrisons 'how to' books, I find them very informative, as a beginner. I will have to browse through all your back posts to catch up with your wanderings.Nice to see you again.

  2. what a pretty scene! sorry it was not quiet...


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