Thursday, January 9, 2014


January...and she's thinking of...


  1. i love it. perfect winter wistfulness.

  2. The coming Spring, maybe? That she's glad she filled the bird feeders because there's just so much snow? This is a wonderful sketch. :)

  3. I could scream over this one! Love the splash of color too! I want to purchase one of your watercolors lovey ... seriously!

  4. Myślisz, że jest za zimno,za dużo śniegu i , że ptakom trzeba pomóc :)))

  5. Summer! Perfect photo to show the weather and yearning for warmer temps.

  6. "I just have to hang in there:)"

    "I admit I love winter..but it's brisk out there.."
    "Should I fill the feeders?"
    The birds are so sweet!

    Am I close?
    Love it:)

  7. The calm of winter. The gathering of birds. The activities of animals in the subnivean zone. Visiting a friend.

  8. ...od spring of course:)

    PS. is one of the birds dead??

    1. Oh my gosh, that poor little bird does look dead, doesn't he? He was supposed to be eating! You have a very good eye!! Dziekuje, Pani Aga!! I will gladly re-do this sketch when I get a moment!

  9. ... how to paint snow? How to make people understand through her drawings how much she loves winter time ?How many feeders does she need to make all those birds happy?How much time will she need to save money to visit her faraway friend in Provence?What will she have for dinner? Why are there only black birds outside? Why does she keep the window open when it's so cold outside? OMG, in 11 months and a half it's Xmas and I'm not ready !..... :o)

  10. Rita -- love the figure -- thinking in the window in January. That could be me as winter often is a time of deep thought for me. I like your self portraits -- rather Van Goghish. -- barbara

  11. "W berżeretkach, balladach, canzonach
    Bardzo rzadko jest mowa o wronach,
    A ja mam taki gust wypaczony,
    Że lubię wrony...

    Los im dolę zgotował nieletką:
    Cienką gałąź i marne poletko,
    Czarne toto i w ziemi się dłubie -
    -a ja je lubię...

    Gdy na polu ze śniegiem wiatr wyje,
    Żadna wrona przez chwilę nie kryje,
    Że dlatego na zimę zostają,
    Że źle fruwają..."

    Wojciech Mlynarski

  12. Wow what a beautiful blog - thank you for your inspiration - just love your sketchbook. Fx

  13. "Why didn't I pick up that bird feeder today."

  14. Love it. I would be thinking of spring flowers and my summer garden to be planted.. :)

  15. I love this!
    As someone else was asking, do you sell your art online?

  16. This is a wonderful picture -- surely she feeds the birds to have so many outside her window. Maybe some of them have names.

  17. So often we try to capture the scene outside the window, but here you have beautifully captured both the observer and the observed! I love that. And despite the cold and snow (and possibly dead bird :)) ), you have given us hints of summer in the aqua/blue of your turtleneck and the shutters.

  18. p. s. I love what Malyss suggests above!

  19. This is adorable! I love the wistful expression and the birds keeping her company.

  20. Love this but I would have a smile on my face cause I live snow and winter.


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