Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Traveling & Images

Each image is about 2 1/2 by 3 Inches. Except for the middle Maine island
these are scenes from Provence, recreated from journal sketches.

Looking out that window in the past post, I was dreaming of sunny places I've loved...One of the reasons I keep journals is to be able to re-visit those good places & moments.

I was also dreaming of places I hope to visit...of future journals that will be created...

Being here now & my recent portrait studies are good disciplines & often magical, but let me not forget to wander through imagery & descriptions, my own & ones that I visit in blogs. 

Imagine. Today, via blogs, I've already gone to Paris, Poland, Vienna, Nice, the Pacific Northwest, Texas & Portland, Maine.


  1. Good morning from Vienna! :-)

    Lovely scenes, dear Wanderer, feels good to come along and dream of summer sunshine.

    1. P.S.:
      A photographer can only capture what's in the here and now. Then again, revisiting earlier picture harvest can also be quite comforting, at times.

  2. your tiny sketches are remarkable.

  3. Isn't the web wonderful for travel?
    I agree ..and friendships and learning..
    You will have to bring quite a few sketch books..the red one Carol showed would suit your next trip to a t.
    I love your colors!
    The blues..the golds.. wonderful..
    And everything always has a happy air..don't know what it is..must be you:)

  4. Witam. Ciekawe kiedy zobaczę u Ciebie szkice z Polski :) ?. Pokazane z Prowansji i wyspy Maine są cudne. A gdzie się zgubił poprzedni post ? . Pozdrawiam cieplutko.

  5. Keep on pulling your sketches out of your journals we're loving the way you're showing them & bringing back happy memories for you.

  6. These are lovely.
    I love the places blogs have taken me and the people I've grown to know over the last three years of blogging.

  7. You get such details in a small space...sigh. Some day, some day...

  8. Wonderful little sketches! I love the sunny colors. I also love visiting faraway places on blogs and dreaming. :)

  9. That's why I like Internet: it offers opportunities for armchairs travels!
    Those small sketches are cute! I immediately recognised Provence, only through a few lines!

  10. Love that you have merged Provence and Maine -- your distinctive style captures a softness in each place, suggesting that the softness comes as much from the scene as from the artist, mm? xx

  11. To me journaling is like creating an encyclopedia of your life. Bound in notebooks on a shelf one can reach back for thoughts and inspirations or memorable events. You certainly have an extra kick to your journals -- as an artist you can bring up the visuals of a particular time in your life. How wonderful! -- barbara

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  13. I just discovered your blog through Kathy's "Catching Happiness. Love your sketches and thank you so much for sharing. Will be stopping back again soon. Hope you have a great day.


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