Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Illustrated French Language Study Journal

Pages from a 2002 journal, 4 X 6", handbound (but not by me) book with high quality paper. 
When I was newly studying French I enjoyed copying French text from sources of interest & then illustrating it.

Above left: a class exercise: Imagine that you are visiting the famous fortune teller, Madame Soleil. 
What would you want to ask her? 
Excerpts from a favorite watercolor book: "Les clés de l'aquarelle",
translated from the English "Basic Watercolor Techniques". 
 Color charts are always fun, but learning French names of colors... 
...& learning French art vocabulary is double fun.
 A brief description from a brochure of the Tulip Festival in Ottawa, & some vocabulary related to fairy tales.

Triple Journal Fun: Art, French, & Subjects of Interest!

PS. To the noters who said my French was perfect: 
I must explain that it wasn't MY French, it was copied from texts in order to learn.


  1. Can these be any more charming I ask?

  2. you do such imaginative projects!

  3. Widzę, że Twoja pasja wymaga nie tylko umiejętności i wiedzy, ale i nauki innych języków. Podziwiam i pozdrawiam.

  4. Je suis d'accord..Could these be any more charming?
    And your French is phenomenal.
    Trop cute..all of it..
    I don't want to know my future though.
    Unless.. it's great.

  5. What a brilliant way to learn a language through your painting. Such lovely paintings and your French is perfect.

  6. How utterly charming! Like you said, triple fun. Tres jolie!

  7. Moi aussi, je suis d'accord: Could these be any more charming? There is a lightness to your being that shows through all these sketches. . .

  8. Rita -- I am quite behind on responding -- moving to another apartment in my complex -- a better one opened up. Of course I am still looking for that perfect place to live. Your journals have inspired me. I used to journal often in years past (way past) but now have gotten away from it for the most part. When I look at your colors and sketches I think I want to try to do something similar. Of course I have not had any art training to speak of but I feel this will be a personal journal so I can do whatever in it. So after I move (again) I will try my hand at a creative journal for my pleasure. thanks for the inspiration -- barbara

  9. Chère amie, j'adore regarder tes journaux ! Ils sont plein de charme, les dessins sont magnifiques et inspirants, et le travail derrière est très interessant!
    Un très joli post!
    Bises et bonne journée!

  10. What a great watercolour paper! Cudownie "chwyta" kolory... Though I was studying French for one year (ages ago, wen I was 14), it's like Chinese for me - but this way I think I could learn it:) Meilleurs voeux!

  11. how lovely! your sketches are whimsical and i'm very glad to have found your blog.

  12. What a fun way to practice your French! Also, really love the colors on the high cloud day. I think you got them just right.

  13. Piękny słownik ilustrowany. Miło się uczyć z takiej książki. Pozdrawiam ciepło.

  14. Rita - wonderful idea here...loved the fortune teller one. Also took a few minutes to catch up on your last posts. Loved the value landscapes. I struggle with is on my list of things to improve on during 2014. So glad I found your blog. Take care and have a wonderful day.


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